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The Tiger Foundation

The Tiger Foundation, Inc., a tax-exempt private foundation established by The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge F&AM of Kentucky, Inc., works collaboratively with local Lodges and communities on initiatives aligned with the mission of the Foundation.

The Tiger Foundation Mission

β€œTo provide responsive services (programs) in partnership with families and communities across the Commonwealth to strengthen the economic, educational, social, and emotional well-being of youth and promote their healthy development.”

The Tiger Foundation Vision

β€œA community in which the emotional and social well-being of children and families are developed and nurtured.”

The Tiger Foundation Goals

Goal One:

  • To provide intellectual and cultural opportunities that develops and enhances scholarship and intellectual curiosity.


  • Encourage minority students to take and be successful in AP courses.
  • Seek grant opportunities to support weekend tutoring and enrichment programs.
  • Support effective intervention strategies for minority students while in the P-12 system.
  • Support programs that strengthen the college-going and completion culture within the minority community.

Goal Two:

  • Decrease knowledge barriers to college preparation and access.


  • Identify and make available academic support programs in communities when Masonic Lodges are located.
  • Seek grants that support programs identified by experts to facilitate student success toward college preparation.
  • Seek collaborative opportunities to assist students and families id better understand how to identify resources to help pay for college, including FASFA completion.

Goal Three:

  • Increase financial well-being through exposure to the value of post-secondary education.


  • Build upon the success of strategies implemented by K-12 ton fulfill the mandates of HB 1 passed by the 2009 Session of the Kentucky General Assembly.
  • Encourage the use of technology (online learning) to access additional educational opportunities and degree attainment at the associate degree or higher.

How Can the Tiger Foundation Help Your Organization?

  • Allow for the solicitation of tax deductible contributions
  • Provide donors with an assurance that gifts will be managed and utilized in alignment with the purposes in which they were solicited.
  • Total oversight and management of financial gifts

What must I do to initiate utilization of the Tiger Foundation?

Schedule a consultation with Johnny Ware, Executive Director

Email: phglky@phglky.com

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